The Power Rib Metal Roof from Hamilton Homebuilders

There are many things that set apart a Hamilton-built home, things like recessed LED lights, stainless steel vent hoods, and fiberglass tubs and showers. But one of the very best features is one you might never ever really look at – the power rib metal roof. Why is a metal roof better than the traditional asphalt shingle roof? And what difference does it make in a home’s value and durability? We are glad you asked!  Listed below are eight reasons why a metal roof will improve the quality of your home while enhancing its overall value. If you wonder where this information came from, then take a look at the complete article at the Metal Roof Buying Guide at (read it here). It will give you plenty of information about metal roofs and why they make such a difference in a home’s function and value.

8 Reasons Why The Power Rib Metal Roof Makes a Hamilton Home a Notch Above

Reason 1: The Power Rib Metal Roof is Built to Last

Metal roofs – like the Power Rib Metal Roof from Hamilton Homebuilders – can often last for 50 years and often longer. This means that a typical metal roof will last about 3-7 times longer than a typical asphalt shingles roof, which usually needs to replaced every 12-17 years. That added life means less stress worrying about the roof and less money spent repairing or replacing it every decade or so.

Reason 2: A Metal Roof Keeps Things Cool

A metal roof’s surface reflects sunlight rather than absorbing. Much of the light and heat that pounds down on a traditional asphalt shingle roof from the sun above simply bounces off the metal roof.

Reason 3: Saving You Money…

Metal roofs can save you as much as 25% off your annual home energy bill.

Reason 4: Durable and Reliable

Metal roofs are both durable and reliable. They will not crack, rot, split, dry out or warp like other common roofing materials.

Reason 5: The Roof Is (Not) On Fire

Metal is non-combustible, so a metal roof will never catch on fire like other common roofing materials such as cedar or asphalt roofs.

Reason 6: Making You Money

Homes with a metal roof will typically have a 6% resale gain over homes with asphalt shingle roofs.

Reason 7: Lightning… What Lightning?

Even if lightning were to hit the roof of your home, the metal will safely dissipate the charge even if it is not grounded.

Reason 8: Saving You Money… Again!

Many insurance companies will reward you with a hefty discount if your home has a metal roof!