The Hamilton Homebuilders Story

Hamilton Homebuilders was established in the Fall of 2017 in Hamilton, Alabama. We began with a commitment to building the best possible homes we could for our customers at the most affordable price. We wanted the homes we built to be “Crafted with Pride”, so the people who would own them and live in them could feel a deep sense of pride themselves. When we delivered our first home to our first customer in 2018, that mission was accomplished. Now we want to share that pride with as many people as we can. Find out how Hamilton Homebuilders can help you find a home crafted with pride.

Crafted with Pride

When we started Hamilton Homebuilders in 2017, we didn’t set out to create a company who’s only purpose was to roll out home after home after home. We actually didn’t set out to build the company at all. We set out to build the team that would build the company. We didn’t ask, “What kind of company do we want Hamilton Homebuilders to become?” We asked ourselves, “What kind of people can help us become the kind of company we want to become?” We knew that if we didn’t get the people right, getting the product right would never happen.

First, we pictured a place where people mattered. A place where it didn’t matter where your position was in the office or on the line – you were a part of the team. We pictured a place where all of us valued the work we did, the homes we built, and the customers we served. That was the kind of company we wanted to craft. A company crafted with pride that builds homes crafted with pride. Because “Crafted with Pride” doesn’t just apply to the homes that come off our line. “Crafted with Pride” is about every one of us who plays a part in that home being built.

Our Office

Hamilton Homebuilders

330 Buccaneer Street

Hamilton, AL 35570

(205) 430-2017